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Organizations that invest in their employees see an increase in performance up to SEVEN times. -PWC and Deloitte, 2014

It’s not enough to just be technically qualified for a job. Organizations need their people to be superior influencers and have strong interpersonal communication skills. Cork develops actionable and engaging materials and training for corporations, groups and individuals to boost confidence, enhance communication skills and directly impact results.
Develop the skills and tools to properly convey your message and influence your team to productive action.
Communication is what makes the world go ‘round. Learn about your communication style, improve your listening skills, and build effective work relationships.
Emotions play a large role in every day interactions. Gain skills in emotional awareness, how to harness and apply those emotions, and how to manage the emotions of others.
Ever feel like you just aren’t getting your point across? Learn how to effectively communicate so you can bring your A-game to all conversations.
An engaging story can be the difference in closing a deal, swaying an opinion or creating brand advocates. Become a better story teller.
The difference between owning the room during a speech and being forgettable is determined by two factors: Your content and your delivery.


Learn how to navigate rapidly changing environments

Globalization, regulatory change, the rise and influence of social media, and dynamic competition are just a few of the complex challenges for institutions and their leaders to navigate. We specialize in developing ongoing professional development plans for organizations big and small.

Ongoing professional development is essential to success

Traditional education focuses on developing a technically proficient workforce. Unfortunately, it largely fails to prepare people to excel in other important areas that impact results, including leadership development, relationship building, emotional intelligence, effective communication, storytelling, and presentation skills. Organizations that invest in developing these important competencies outperform peers by seven times – producing a significant return on investment.

Save time and resources

While most organizations understand the value of professional development, they often underinvest because it’s time consuming and challenging to administer in-house. Cork Communications provides turnkey programs specific to each organization. Our trainers and coaches are subject matter experts and our sessions and materials are actionable, engaging, and research-based.

Interested in higher returns on your human capital?




Tyler Hampton
Yum! Brands

Madison really challenged me to think through the process of becoming a corporate spokesperson. Her patience and willingness to engage with her clients is refreshing which made for an easy learning environment. Her coaching was very thorough and developed me into a better public speaker!

Kim Parson

We’ve seen great results from your session with our team. The timing was great as well. The following week there was an article about the importance of storytelling on our internal communication site that called for associates to tell their own story about using the consumer experience principles in their work. One of our associates submitted a video. That’s just one example of how we are continuing the conversation and integrating storytelling into our DNA.

Mark Prussian
The Eye Care Institute
Chief Executive Officer

Madison’s training style is enthusiastic, informative and entertaining. Because of her energy, all participants learned how to better communicate their ideas, listen to others, and successfully respond to the needs of our patients, co-workers and referring physicians. Madison had exceeded all of our expectations and we will continue to utilize her for all of our on-going communication training needs.

Pattie Dale Tye
Segment Vice President

Humana is an enormous organization with many different important initiatives – making communications – both internally and externally – challenging and super important. Madison helped my team and me rise above the noise with compelling stories and impactful presentations. Our work resonated like never before, and as a result my team’s confidence has grown immeasurably. Madison is a rockstar!

Scott McQuigg

GoNoodle is the fastest growing digital media company focused on kids, providing activity based programs that are used by over 12 million kids every month. With our meteoric growth, we have been consumed with blocking and tackling, executing on our business plan, and adapting to rapid changes. Madison stepped in and learned our business quickly and felt like part of our team from day one, resulting in measurably better external communications and storytelling from the sales team through the C-suite. As CEO, I couldn’t be happier about our work with Cork.

Denise Bright
ARGI Financial
Chief Operation Officer

Madison and her team have been instrumental in training and coaching our employees on the soft skills we believe are needed to succeed in today’s workplace. Employees are excited to learn how to build and nurture relationships, collaborate effectively, create and deliver meaningful presentations, and communicate better with each other and with our clients. The trainers bring a passion and professionalism to the classes that we can all emulate. You receive a lot of practical, easy-to-use tools in each class that can be put into practice right away. After you complete one class, you can’t wait to attend another one!

the team


Interested in higher returns on your human capital?