Cork Cares

Cork cares about non-profits getting Higher Returns on their Human Capital. We have training and facilitation services specifically with non-profit needs and budgets in mind.

Story Scripting


Identification of various audiences, opportunities to share the story, desired emotional engagement, history and current mission of the company, and hopes for the final scripted product.

Session 2: THE WHY

Facilitated brainstorming on both high level vision and daily expression of it, who are your clients and why do you work for them, discuss imagery and promotional materials that will be associated with the new storyline. (Your marketing professionals who will be building the presentation deck that will accompany the story must be present at this session.)


Discuss the procedures and policies that make your organization run effectively, statistics that confirm you are meeting your goals, and any relevant awards, press, or current fundraising efforts you wish to include in the script. (First draft of script will be delivered within 1 week of this session for review and revision.)


Reading of the final script by chosen team members and facilitated discussion for implementation of the story throughout the organization and in marketing and PR opportunities.

Friend Making and Fundraising for Boards

In this active and thoughtful workshop we create a fired-up, engaged board ready to dive into fundraising. When we finish, your board will be excited about possibilities for your organization. What’s more, they’ll be eager to create the resources to make it happen.  We do this by: changing your board members’ perception of fundraising from “asking for money” to “changing the world”,  re-engaging board members in why they are serving and what they want to accomplish – and how much it will cost, and by directing everyone’s passion into friend making as well as fundraising.

Board Member Outcomes:
  • Rediscover their vision for your organization
  • Recommit to what they really want to accomplish
  • Understand how friend making is more powerful than fundraising
  • Learn how they can support fundraising without having to directly solicit
  • Learn new skills and build confidence through upbeat, accessible education
  • Engage as a team, sharing in the process – and the success

Fundraising Fundamentals for Teams

This workshop is focused on re-framing how non-profit teams think about the dirty word – FUNDRAISING! In this intensive workshop we will cover the fundamentals of prospect development, the ask, and ongoing stewardship. Your team will learn to importance of breaking down barriers with potential donors and how to effectively create a culture of interdepartmental collaboration and communication.  Your team will leave energized, excited, and with highly effective tools that allow them to move towards your fundraising goals with a new perspective and confidence.

Team Member Outcomes:
  • Making the ask – the most effective individual, group, and business solicitations and how to make asking easier for lay leaders and staff
  • Knowing how to recruit and engage active committee members who actually take work off agency staff and advance the mission
  • Advancing the mission by using your unique power of influence to encouraging higher levels of participation and engagement