Cork Cares Head, Lead Trainer/Facilitator

Lenae McKee Price

Lenae excels at relationship and communications training, and story development. She specializes in employee professional development and stakeholder engagement.  In her role leading Cork Cares, Lenae helps non-profit organizations develop their stories and their executive team’s ability to deliver them with maximum impact. 

Lenae earned her Degree from University of Tennessee.

Project Manager, Lead Trainer/Facilitator

Alicia Ariatti

Alicia’s career spans two decades of project management and corporate training. Prior to joining Cork, she worked at Leadership Louisville for six years, honing her project management and training expertise. At Cork, Alicia leads operations and is a lead trainer for several Cork programs.


Carrie Syberg

Carrie helps Cork’s clients advance their missions and improve top line results. Carrie excels at helping individuals and their companies achieve professional and organizational development goals.  Her formal stage training enables her to deliver a dynamic, engaging, hands-on training experience in any office setting.