Non-Profit Lead, Trainer/Facilitator

Lenae McKee Price

Lenae is an award-winning leader, relationship and communication guru and an expert agent of collaboration. She thrills in finding ways to engage individuals – from employee to investor – in any kind of company, making them feel like they’ve always belonged. With a proven track record from Tennessee to New York, she’s earned her agencies double- and triple-digit percentage increases in earned and contributed revenue, individual and corporate engagement, volunteerism and overall program participation.

Project Manager, Trainer/Facilitator

Alicia Ariatti

Alicia’s career started in event management over two decades ago in San Francisco destination management. She worked with one of the largest destination management companies in the nation, designing tours and supplemental programs for a worldwide client base. Most recently, she worked at Leadership Louisville for six years, capitalizing on her project and event management experience and adding formal project management expertise, passing the PMP in 2013. After several years organizing logistics for all of Leadership Louisville’s leadership development programs, Alicia took over as the program and curriculum designer for Bingham Fellows, a social entrepreneurship program tackling Louisville’s most pressing community issues.


Carrie Syberg

Carrie is a decade long fundraising professional with a keen eye for partnerships that connect all sectors in a meaningful and beneficial way. Using mission-driven work as the vehicle to creating a more engaging and vibrant community, Carrie believes strongly in providing individuals, companies, and non-profits the tools to create continued success. Her love of the stage and continued professional development combines to make an exciting class with hands-on, practical tools to bring into any office setting.